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Tips to Write an Effective Email Campaign

November 21, 2022

Good Email

After learning how to do background research and create a subject line, along with delivering the right offer at the right time, the next step is to learn how to capture your audience’s attention by writing effective emails. To do just that, here are some tips you can use for the next emails that you’ll make:

Writing Style

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. 

Personalization is all about understanding the needs and wants of the target audience. Still, many companies begin talking by presenting their offers and services, not what the customers need!

So, what’s a customer or buyer persona? how to create personas? and how can they help with the marketing? 

A customer persona is a depiction or mapping of the target audience based on research. Simply put, these personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like, the challenges they face, how they make decisions, what their needs and requirements are, and so on. The more detailed the customer persona, the better. A buyer persona is the answer to the following questions:

  • Personal Information about the audience: What is their age, gender, nationality, culture, values, location                                                                                       
  • Professional Information: What’s their industry, company size, job title, role in decision making, sales cycle                                                                                           
  • What are their goals and challenges: needs, goals, requirements, KPIs

Call to Action

It is time to drive them along the path to conversion! It is a simple task for them to click a subscribe button or even a purchase button. 

These buttons are what we call “calls to action”. A good call to action is a simple word that can be seen by your customer below your email, like “Subscribe Now!”, “Learn More”, “Get Involved”, etc. But remember, try to focus on creating one button so that your client doesn’t get distracted.

Hey, guess what? Now you are ready to make excellent and engaging emails for your customers! If you want to get each part of that process in place, do so by using our lead generation solution

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