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6 tips to stay out of the spam folder

April 18, 2022

Are you constantly worried about your emails will end up in the spam folder? Try our tips to stay out of the spam folder. 

It is not an easy task to design an email campaign and create high-quality content. It necessitates a lot of attention, thought and effort. We recognise that putting in so much time and effort can lead to some understandable fear that it will all be for nought. You are not on your own. Here are some tips for your emails to stay out of the spam folder.

#1 Avoid buying leads

It is tempting to buy hundreds of targeted leads at affordable prices. Usually, these lead lists contain spam traps and expired email addresses. This could lead to you being labelled as a spammer, damaging your reputation as a legitimate sender, and getting you into trouble with your mailbox provider. You may also learn more about why you should not buy leads by clicking here.

Therefore, it is better to have an opt-in process or landing pages on your website to get leads. Alternatively, Sendvilla is also a wonderful tool for scraping segmented leads based on industry and location.

#2 Be cautious of your email content

Always keep in mind that spam filters are constantly analyzing our email content. Words like “promo”, “free”, “purchase”, “discount”, “buy”, and “% off” among others, can trigger spam filters. Hence, avoid overusing such words and only use them when necessary. This greatly reduces the likelihood of your hard work showing up in someone’s spam folder. 

#3 Keep the image to text ratio in check

Using an excessively picture-heavy format with little text can also trigger spam filters. Therefore, you need to write at least a few sentences for every image you add.

#4 Link to legitimate sites only

If you are linking to any website within your email, make sure these sites have reputable domains. The last thing you want is for your brand to be tarnished by linking to something suspicious.

#5 Use a reliable email service provider

It is not cool for mailbox providers to have low scores on their senders’ IP addresses. Large email service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo are likely to block them. Thus, it is important to only use mailbox providers with a solid reputation for banning spammers and permitting only the transmission of solicited mails. 

#6 Be mindful of the types of attachments you send

As long as the email has some text, files with extensions like PNG, GIF, ZIP, JPG and PDF are acceptable as attachments. Extensions like SWF and EXE, on the other hand, should never be attached to emails. This is because they tend to attract virus triggers. Additionally, large fil sizes may also trigger spam and virus detectors. Hence, you should use other approaches if you need to deliver large files. For example, uploading them to a cloud drive and providing a download link to your recipients. 

At last, we hope that these pointers will help you to stay out of the spam folder. Always keep in mind that ethical email practices will result in a higher success rate in your email marketing and, in the long run, will be beneficial to your reputation.

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