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Important Elements of a Good Email That You Should Know

November 7, 2022

Good Email

Getting high-quality leads that are specific to your industry is very important for the growth and survival of your business. However, how you approach these leads is important. 

Our target market is business-to-business, since most of us are freelancers, small business owners, or business development marketing professionals at different companies (B2B). They are important decision makers or professionals who have a big impact on how decisions are made. As we’ve already talked about, how you approach these people is very important.

Now if you’re already familiar with these lifesaving elements, how about you put them into practice with the industry’s email marketing best practices?

Subject line

The subject line of your email is what makes people want to open it or not. If you spend hours making the perfect email, with perfect body text, a tempting offer, a great writing style, and great design, but your email subject doesn’t match the needs, wants, and requirements of your target audience, your email WILL NOT BE OPENED, and all of your hard work will have been for nothing. So, spend some time perfecting the subject line of your email. It ought to be


It should be important to the people who will be reading it. Nothing is as off-putting as an email subject line that has nothing to do with the email.

Have an element of suspense: It should make the people who receive it think about something.

What does this email have to do with? If I don’t open it, will I miss something important? But don’t do this too much, because it could backfire and come across as fake or spam.

Should be backed up by tests and research: You should know the wants, needs, problems, and “pain points” of your target audience. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to sway their decision to buy. You’ll need to do some research and come up with some kind of audience personas to do that.

Should include a FOMO factors

Senior professionals and people in charge of making decisions get a lot of emails every day. Researchers have found that, on average, people get 121 emails each day. No one has enough time to open all 121 of them. The question is, what causes people to open some emails while others aren’t? “Fear of missing out” is a big part of why they made that choice. If your audience has a small worry, “Am I missing something important?” That can do wonders, and a good subject line can make that happen.

Should be moderate: None of the things above should be too much, because it’s never a good idea to go too far. Your subject line should be relevant, make people curious, be backed by research, and make people afraid of missing out. But this should be done in a professional way. If not, it could have the opposite effect.

Background Research

Why is it so important to find out about your audience’s background? Well, it’s because you’ll never be able to talk to your target audience if you don’t understand their problems, needs, wants, and challenges. 

How can you sell your service or product, in other words, if you don’t know what your target market wants? How can you position or present your company as the solution to the problems and challenges of your leads list if you don’t know what those problems and challenges are? 

More than that, you need to know how your target audience spends a typical day. The clearer this picture is, the easier it will be to sell yourself and the lower the barrier to entry will be. Remember that everyone wants to be understood. 

No one wants to put in the effort to say something only to find out that it wasn’t understood. In the same way, the more you know about the problems your audience faces, the more likely they are to buy from you.

That’s the first two important elements that you should know before creating a good email. Stay tuned in our blog to know more about the other elements! Meanwhile, check out how you can easily get endless unique leads with Sendvilla.

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