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3 Efficient Lead Scraping Strategies for the Best Results

October 31, 2022

Lead Scraping

Lead scraping with Sendvilla can be overwhelming when you don’t get any leads as you wanted. To avoid that, we have some lead scraping tips to help you scrape leads efficiently

1. Use Short – tail keyword

Short-tail keywords such as “coffee shop,” “bakery,” and “café” are also referred to as “head terms.” They are general search terms that usually have between one and three words. In Sendvilla, our bot uses these kinds of keywords to look for more specific leads. So to get the best results, try using short-tail keywords.

2. Avoid using the same keyword for lead scraping

Getting specific and accurate leads is a challenge, and one of the strategies we like to use is to never use the same keyword twice. 

When you’re looking for leads using the keyword “Coffee” in Singapore, there will be a chance that you will get the same result when you try to search for the same exact keyword and location for the second time. 

Sendvilla will not deduct your credit when getting the same lead result. So, why bother looking for the same keyword over and over? Try to use different keywords that you have never used before.

3. Give our leads scraping tools some time

For optimal lead scraping results, please give our bots around 20 to 30 minutes of hard menial work, or even longer, to complete the lead scraping process and scrape clean all the databases. As time goes on, the search results will keep changing until the number of leads you want has been reached.

That’s three effective ways to scrape leads that you can use in your next search with Sendvilla. Do give it a go, and tell us what happened to your search results in the comments section below. Get on scraping now!

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