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How to make the right connection with your leads

August 15, 2022

In our email series, we’ve frequently addressed lead generation and email marketing tactics. But what happens after you have built a list of leads and start sending them emails?

B2B marketing and sales tactics are all about making the right connections and developing healthy business relationships with your leads, and the key to achieving that is through proper communication.

When you interact and communicate with your leads in such a way that you build a proper rapport and inspire trust in them, they will begin to trust you with their business. But how can you establish that kind of rapport? Have you asked yourself, when does this begin, and how might it help your business grow?

It all begins with the initial phone conversation between you and your lead. You should aim to make the client comfortable in the first few seconds by properly demonstrating that you are open, approachable, trustworthy, and of course, your area of expertise.

You can make the right connection with your leads if you keep the following tips in mind:

#1 Conduct pre-call research

Before calling your leads, conduct some preliminary research on their backgrounds and pain points, so that you can speak while considering their best interests. Calls made without conducting any research may be deemed ‘irrelevant’ by the prospects.

#2 Learn to make small talk

Small talk is a greatly undervalued skill, where only few people realize its full significance. Small talk will not lead to long-term or profound connections, but it will help you put your foot into the door and lay the groundwork for a more significant interaction. Learn to talk about minor issues or anything else you have in common, before moving on to more major topics.

#3 Establish connections

Establishing connections early in a conversation helps to convey authenticity. To be able to do that, one must look for commonalities and start discussing them. They can be anything common, a struggle or obstacle, a birthplace, an acquaintance, etc. These aids in displaying social proof early on in an interaction.

#4 Demonstrate your standard operating procedures

Provide documents, case studies, or anything else that can be displayed or quoted during the conversation before calling your prospects. The goal is to convey the impression that you or your company is well-versed in standard operating procedures.

#5 Make it a dialogue, not a monologue

Do not launch into a sales pitch immediately. Take time to ask the correct questions, personalize your offer to the prospects’ requirements, and make observations. If you begin with the sales presentation, the prospect may end the conversation and all of your efforts will be for naught.

We hope that the above tips will help you to make the right connection with your leads and increase your conversion rates.

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