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What is data scraping?

June 6, 2022

Making a spreadsheet and scouring the internet for data, or paying someone to do it, would have been common a few years ago. However, if you are still doing it now, you are behind the times. Manual data scraping is out of the question now. 

What is data scraping?

Data scraping is the process of scouring information off websites or social media such as email addresses and contact information and putting this information into a simple spreadsheet.

Data scraping is an important tool for marketing research in the realm of marketing. It is extremely useful for business development, such as acquiring new clients. Business development professionals use it to obtain contact information for potential clients so that they can reach out to them and pitch them relevant products or services.

Manual data scraping isn’t difficult, it is surprisingly simple. You can visit websites one at a time, copying and pasting information into a spreadsheet to create a list of useful extracted data. However, manual scraping has a few drawbacks:

  • This approach can be incredibly slow. It could take days or even months to compile a comprehensive list.
  • It can be costly too because time is money. This is hardly an essential expenditure in today’s technological age.
  • Human error is a distinct possibility. This can be a huge disadvantage and costly if the accuracy of the collected data is critical to you.

Automated data scraping is the new norm. Scouring information from the internet is now possible with online scraping solutions like Sendvilla. The popularity of such tools stems from the fact that:

  • The time spent is minimal, as hundreds of entries can be acquired in minutes.
  • Most scraping tools are simple to use and do not require any coding knowledge.
  • Many tools provide free versions or promotional packages such as lifetime deals, thus achieving cost savings.
  • Data can be directly transferred to a JSON file or Google Sheet, thus directly creating an API for the required data set. 

Stop doing it manually and instead use a data scraping tool like Sendvilla to improve efficiency, obtain a more accurate set of data, and save time and money!

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