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What is a warm email?

June 27, 2022

A warm email is a personalized email written to contact one specific individual for a particular purpose. It is a highly targeted outreach approach in which you conduct thorough research on a single prospect before contacting them. The marketer tries to present himself or his company as the ideal expert who can meet or solve the recipient’s needs.

Cold email, on the other hand, is sent to the masses and is not tailored or designed to reach a single person. A warm email is sent to a specific individual that you know is either interested in, or in need of, your product or service.

Warm leads are those who have either agreed to be contacted or have been referred to you by a mutual contact. You may have also approached them with ad campaigns previously. Warm emails are significantly more relevant and engaging for the recipient. Despite the extensive research required, response and conversion rates are significantly higher than those of cold emails. 

If you are looking to send warm emails to your prospects, here are some tips to get you started. Above all, you should strive to create a meaningful relationship between your company and your prospects.

#1 Get to know the person or company 

To see how you may help someone, first understand their needs and pain points. Make sure your product or service piques their interest. During the research process, make a meaningful connection that can serve as a bridge between you and your prospects.

#2 Be specific about the objective of your email

You must be certain of what you want to accomplish before you craft the email. In general, you should be aiming to get on a call with your prospect so you can answer their questions, provides details about your product or service, and assuage their concerns to close a deal. 

#3 Keep it short

Remember that you do not want to appear intrusive by sending lengthy emails to your prospects. People are busy. They are unlikely to read your email if you are beating around the bush about what you want to say. A good rule of thumb is to keep your email at 125 words. 

#4 Get your prospect’s attention

Try to get on your prospect’s radar before sending the warm email. This is very useful as they are more likely to open and read your email with an open mind. To do so, you may

  • Ask a mutual contact to write an introduction email beforehand;
  • Send your company’s catalog or postcards to them so they are aware of your existence; or
  • Request to connect with your prospect on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

This would pique their interest in who you are and increase their likelihood of responding.

You are ready to go with your sales pitch and hopefully close a deal once you get the appointment or phone call scheduled!

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