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The ROI of email marketing

August 1, 2022

Are you launching a new business or looking to increase the marketing efforts of an existing one?

Then, email marketing is one tool you cannot overlook.

There are so many tools available to approach prospective clients and drive conversions, but why email marketing?  Several studies have been conducted and the statistics relating to the ROI (return on investment) for email marketing are more promising than any other marketing tool. According to Financial Post, you can expect a return of $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing campaigns.

ROI is the ultimate criterion that determines whether a marketing tool is of considerable value. We recognize that the initial resources needed to go on this path may be substantial for small businesses and entrepreneurs. However, if email marketing is well-executed, businesses will be greatly rewarded with a high ROI. To do so, you’ll need to be familiar with concepts like email composition, B2B marketing, and the optimal time to send emails. Marketing campaigns have to be carefully crafted and sent to segmented audiences with a keen interest in the product or service. 

Here are a few tips to maximize your email marketing ROI:
  • Segment your audience based on where your customer is in their buyer’s journey
  • Send content relevant to the stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Create engaging content that provides value to your customer
  • Take all precautions to avoid spam filters
  • Use a personalized sender’s address
  • Write creative short and attention-catching subject lines
  • Avoid the use of words and characters that may trigger spam filters 
  • Use single yet powerful CTA (call to action) for each email campaign
  • Develop a genuine connection with your customer 
  • Maintain relationship with your customer by nurturing them

If you execute everything correctly, email marketing will have a powerful potential to drive conversions for your business. We wish you the best of luck on your marketing journey!

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