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How to build your first email funnel with Sendvilla

August 22, 2022

Before building an email marketing funnel, let’s define what an email marketing funnel is. An email funnel is a series of automated marketing emails that are designed to drive a prospect to a specific call-to-action in a non-intrusive manner.

This is a method for marketers to follow their prospective clients through every stage of their buyer’s journey. Marketers can enhance conversion rates by providing instructional, nurturing, and promotional content tailored to each stage. To do that, they  need to understand the concerns, the problems and the driving factors of their prospects. 

Here are some quick and easy steps to build your first email funnel using Sendvilla:
  • Enter the keywords and location into Sendvilla data scraping tool and let the bot scrap a list of leads for you.
  • Send a generic email introducing your company and services in the best way possible.
  • Plan and create emails for each target segment based on the actions performed by the receivers.  You can separate your list into the following segments:
  1. Openers – Provide more educational content while sharing further details about your product/service
  2. Non Openers – Try more relevant and interesting content or email subjects
  3. Link Clickers – Share more information about your product/service

The idea here is to filter your list of leads using a funnel-like approach based on their interest and purpose. This allows you to focus your efforts on the prospects who are more likely to convert.

Now that you’ve laid a solid basis for your funnel approach, it’s time to get started with Sendvilla and create your first email funnel!

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