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SMART Goals Examples for Generating Online Leads

October 10, 2022


It is necessary to be able to evaluate and analyze the implementation of inbound marketing strategies. To do that, you need to define clear and significant objectives from your strategy, and that is what SMART goals are all about.

George T. Doran developed the SMART goals method to assist people in organizing strategy planning. SMART’s abbreviations come from 5 characteristics that define this method. They are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

SMART goals examples that will help you set a clear goal for lead generation are enlisted below

Using lead magnets and landing pages, increase leads by 40% in three months.

  • Specific: Boost the number of collected leads.
  • Measurable: Increased by 40% from 400 to 560 in the preceding quarter.
  • Achievable: Increasing leads using valuable lead magnets and landing pages.
  • Relevant: If the leads are relevant to the buyer persona, having more leads will result in more sales.
  • Timely: Three months 

Grow the number of quality leads by 20% in two months using an email marketing strategy.

  • Specific: Boost the number of qualified leads, or those who are more likely to make a purchase since they have previously shown interest in your product or service more than once.
  • Measurable: 400 to 480, an increase of 20% over the preceding two months.
  • Achievable: With a lead nurturing strategy.
  • Relevant: We get more leads closer to the time when they will buy.
  • Timely: Two months 

Increase website traffic by 30% over the period of one month.

  • Specific: Gain more people visiting our website
  • Measurable: Gain 30% higher traffic than during the same month last year. 
  • Achievable: Using Google ads campaign
  • Relevant: Simply by retaining the same conversion rate, you will generate more leads if the website receives more visitors who fit the proper persona.
  • Timely: One months 

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